Instructional Resources
– Where to go/Who to contact when you or your students need assistance

2021-22 School Improvement Focus
– Equitable Grading Practices
Book Study
– Virtual Calming Page
– Academic Interventions & Supports

Classroom Resources
Includes Technology Instructions, Quick Guides, and Screencasts

Need Assistance?
Schedule an Appointment with





Parent-Teacher Conferences (11/18, 11/22)
Schedule Setup Directions
– Staff must have schedule created by 10/30
– Open to parents 11/10-11/16

IPEF Grant Application
– Applications accepted from 9/13-10/25

SEL and Academic Habits Info
– SEL Tuesday Bell Schedule
-Tuesday, October 26th Lesson
– SEL Kickoff Video

GCN Mandated Trainings
– October 29th – Diabetes Awareness, Mental Illness Awareness, & Sexual Harassment

ALICE Recertification
– November 19th – See email from Navigation 360

Tentative Drill Dates
Shelter In Place COVID Locations
Law Enforcement/Situational Awareness Drill