Warriors You Should Know – Meghan Thomas

Meet Meghan Thomas, our newest member of the FACS department. Meghan is new to WV, but she brings 7 years of experience with her from our neighboring district to the east, 203. Please welcome Meghan to Waubonsie Valley the next time you see her.

What do you teach here at WV?
Senior Foods and Culinary 1

Do you coach or oversee any clubs/activities here at WV?
I am in the beginning stages of starting a scrapbook club!

How many years of experience in education do you have? Where have you taught before WV?
This is my 7th year teaching, I taught at Naperville North before I became a Warrior!

Why did you get into education?
I have a passion for family and consumer science courses and I believe I teach life-long skills that students will use throughout their future.

Where did you go to high school?
Carl Sandburg High School, Orland Park

Where did you go to college?
Eastern Illinois University, Charleston

Where do you get inspiration from?
I get inspiration from the teachers I work with on a daily basis. The dedication to our students is clear and it motivates and challenges me to be a better teacher.

Do you have a favorite Warrior Memory?
When I had to hula hoop in front of the entire staff as a new Warrior!

Is there a student that you will never forget? Tell us why they were so memorable.
I absolutely love when my students come back to school or to visit me and tell me about their culinary endeavors! My goal is to inspire students to cook on their own or venture in to the culinary world as a career.

Favorite Food/Beverage?
Coffee is a must every morning, I cannot start my day without it. Pizza is life- preferably Lou Malnatis!

Favorite childhood teacher and why?
Mrs. Heinlen, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher but was not sure what I would like to teach. She was my FACS teacher and I knew after I took her classes the type of teacher I wanted to be.

When not at school, where do you like to spend your time or what do you like to do? Do you have any special talents?
I like to travel whenever I have the time! I love spending time with friends and family, cooking, going to the movies, seasonal activities, and just relaxing.

What are your future goals?
I plan on going back to school to earn my masters degree and my goal is to remain a Warrior!

Who do you live with? Spouse, kids, pets, etc.
I live on my own in Naperville​

What did you do this summer?
I went on a cruise to the Caribbean, went to CMA fest in Nashville, and relaxed! I also found out I will be an aunt for the first time, very excited about that!

What is your goal for this school year?
I would like to get to know the school, staff, and students better! Try new activities in my classroom and inspire more students to take Culinary classes!

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