Warriors You Should Know – Andrea Sandy

We are now well into the school year, but there are still new faces in the building that you should know and welcome to Waubonsie Valley. This week’s Warrior You Should Know is our new visitor receptionist, Andrea Sandy. Not only does Andrea welcome every visitor and scan their information so that they can enter the building, but she is also responsible for greeting our subs and getting them directed to your classrooms. Please make it a point to stop at the reception desk and welcome Andrea to WV.


What do you do here at WV?
Receptionist (Front Desk)

How many years of experience in education do you have? Where were you at before WV?
I have been a substitute teacher in District 204 since last year.

Why did you get into education/What drew you to WV?
I enjoy working with students and staff, and WV has a great vibe.

Where did you go to high school?
I went to the American International School in Vienna, Austria, and then to J.E.B. Stuart in Falls Church, Virginia.

Where did you go to college?
I received my Bachelor’s from the University of Vermont, and then earned an interior design degree from COD.

Where do you get inspiration from?
All things outside, urban and rural.

What is your favorite Warrior Memory?
My first week here…everyone was so welcoming.

Favorite book?
It’s a tough choice between My Antonia​ and Gone With the Wind​.

Favorite Song/Artist?
I love J-and K-pop music, as well as opera and bluegrass.

Favorite Food/Beverage?
Ribs are tied with avocados as my absolute favorite food, and coffee is my most beloved beverage.

Favorite childhood teacher and why?
My third grade teacher, Miss Haglund; she was so kind, and I enjoyed coming to school because of her.

When not at school, where do you like to spend your time or what do you like to do? Do you have any special talents?
I enjoy traveling. When I’m at home, my most favorite thing in the world is to sew (garments). I’m also trying to learn to play the ukulele. On the weekends, I’m a full-time hockey and running mom, watching my daughter, a junior, compete on the ice, cross country course, or on the track.

What are your future goals?
I want to learn how to knit. It would also be great to learn conversational Spanish. And I have always wanted to learn to play the banjo.

Who do you live with? 
My husband, daughter and I live in Naperville. My son lives in Atlanta, but visits whenever he can.

If you were voted, “most likely to…”, what would you be voted?
…to drop something! Unfortunately, I am very clumsy.

What did you do this summer?
Traveled…a lot. I visited Japan, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Vancouver, the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, and Tennessee.

What is your goal for this school year?
To learn all staff names and faces (well before the end of the year)!

Now you know more about Andrea. Please help her accomplish her goal by introducing yourself to her and making her feel welcome to Waubonsie Valley!

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