For news items (ie: student/team accolades, stories of classroom happenings, etc.) use the simple form:

For events on specific dates (ie: club meetings, games/matches, school events), use this form: (be sure to choose the date your event occurs)

    • Make sure that you select Waubonsie in the “Website at which to post this event” drop-down menu. Do not select District, as no one will approve your announcement.
    • Please use the Special Comments section of the form to list where you would prefer to have the announcement placed (can be more than one). The options are:
      • WVHS Public Website (
      • Staff Splash Page (
      • Student Splash Page (
      • the Beat (
      • Daily Announcements – Also please list if you would prefer to have your announcement read during 2nd period or just placed in the written announcements.
      • Marquee
      • Building TVs
        • If you choose to have your announcement placed on the TVs, please attach the image (jpg format), video, or link to shared Google Slides to the announcement.
    • The communications liaisons have the final say in determining the most appropriate placement.
    • Please give at least two days for your announcements to be read, uploaded, etc. May be sooner, won’t be later. You will receive an email confirmation once your announcement has been approved. If you do not receive this, your announcement was likely not submitted correctly. Please resubmit and make sure that you followed the first instruction above.
    • Please do not send your announcement requests via email. 
    • You may use the following templates if you would like your announcement to be displayed on the TVs.
      • Please hold down the shift key when resizing images to maintain the proper aspect ratio.
      • Remember, use less words and a larger font, for more effective announcements. Direct students to a website or contact person/class house/department if they want more information rather than list too much information on the TV. Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, we can accept Google Slide presentations. If you have a lot of information to share, please use multiple slides to capture the viewers’ attention and deliver your message.