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Essential 5 Climate Survey

December 14, 2018 @ 8:15 am - 9:25 am

At this link is the Survey: Essential 5

For students…

  • Student surveys will be linked off of the www.waubonsiestudent.org website that their Chromebook starts up to each time they open it.
  • They need a state ID (Not their Student ID…a STATE ID Number.  Click HERE for a slide to show your students how they can retrieve their STATE ID and HERE for a TEACHER ONLY for a comprehensive list of all student STATE ID’s which are separated by 2nd period.
  • Students also need to know their birthdate to log in.
  • All students should take this survey even though they have completed it before.  It is an annual survey that is used to ‘grade our school’.
  • If students do not/cannot find their state ID, they should take the ‘provisional survey’.

For staff…

  • Your survey is on the staff splashpage or HERE.
  • Your ID # is the same as your DISTRICT ID#  (only the numbers…not the IPSD)
  • Any staff member who’s primary responsibility involves teaching students for the majority of the school day/year SHOULD TAKE THE SURVEY.
  • Exempt from participating are…
    • Student Teachers, Substitute Teacher, Tutor, Principal, Asst. Principal, Nurse or District Office Official.

HERE is the BELL SCHEDULE for the Day.

To avoid overloading the wi-fi, please follow the schedule in that ODD room numbers will survey firstEven room numbers will survey second.   Your class period time then is the overlap plus the time when you’re NOT surveying.

The survey takes an estimated 25 min for students and staff.

Surveys do not count until the Submit Survey is clicked at the end.


December 14, 2018
8:15 am - 9:25 am