Field Trips

All field trips must be pre-approved and scheduled within Versatrans TripTracker at least 2 weeks before the date. Below you will find links to a tutorial video on how to use TripTracker as well as permission slips. Please contact Jason Schmidtgall or Liz Dilday with any questions that you have regarding field trips.

  • Always get approval from your Department Chair before submitting a trip.
  • TripTracker is NOT accessible from outside of the building.
  • TripTracker Login is your First name_Last name for both username and password. (Letters are case sensitive.)
  • Before scheduling a trip, check the calendar inside of TripTracker to ensure there are no other trips scheduled.
  • Always avoid…
    • Last Two Weeks of Grading Periods
    • Fridays (the sub shortage is real)
    • Dates of Final Exams or Parent Teacher Conference and other major school events.