Logos, Letterhead, and School Colors

To maintain consistency we are asking that you adhere to the following style guide when using the Waubonsie Valley Logos, Colors, and Letterhead.


Please use the following Word document – WV-Letterhead-2018


If you’re using a logo in Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Google documents or emails where color is acceptable, you can copy and paste the logo. For most other purposes, the .png files will do the trick. For posters or other large-format documents, t-shirts, and merchandise, use one of the .ai or .eps files. If all else fails, the .jpg files are a good fallback.

Note: When using the logo, you may scale the image larger or smaller, keeping its proportions. But never stretch the logo horizontally or vertically. If you share the logo with an outside organization, tell them that they should not alter the logo’s proportions. If you have any questions on how to incorporate the logo into your documents, please ask Chris Skrzypchak or Ryan VanKampen.



If you need to use the school’s colors, here are the color codes:
Waubonsie Green
Hex Color: #1a421f
Web Color: 003300
RGB R: 26 G: 66 B: 31
CMYK C: 82 M: 46 Y: 95 K: 54

Waubonsie Gold
Hex Color: #f3a81b
Web Color: ff9933
RGB R: 243 G: 168 B: 27
CMYK C: 3 M: 38 Y: 100 K: 0


Please use the following fonts to accompany the logo include. (listed in order of preference) Calibri, Cambria, Georgia, Minion, and Corbel.