Reassessment Policy

At Waubonsie Valley High School, our goal is to support students in their academic growth and encourage all to achieve at their highest level. To that end, the philosophy of the staff at WVHS supports relearning and reassessment of students in order to encourage mastery of course material.

The following guidelines apply to work eligible for reassessment.

Who is eligible to be reassessed?
Reassessment is available to all students, regardless of the original grade earned, per course policy.

How does the reassessment process begin?
Reassessment requests must originate with the student within five school days following the receipt of the graded work.

What is eligible to be reassessed?
Within course teams, teachers will determine what work may be reassessed, and how it will be factored into the student’s grade. Teachers will communicate what work is eligible for reassessment to students in the course policy and
reinforce verbally as needed.

What are the required steps prior to reassessment?
Together, the teacher and student will set goals and timeline for relearning prior to the reassessment. Students must fulfill the requirements of the teacher’s reassessment and relearning policy in order to be eligible for a reassessment.
If the goal date passes without the reassessment being submitted or without further conversation with the teacher, the original grade becomes permanent.

Course-specific questions regarding reassessment should be directed to the academic teacher.