Instructional Technology Tools


Engagement Tools

PADLET: Create an online bulletin board that you can use to display information on any topic.  You can add images, links, videos and more. Learn more….

PEAR DECK  integrates with existing slide decks (Google Slides) that can SHIFT your class presentations to classroom conversations.  Move from being a teacher-directed, sit and get environment to an interactive classroom where you ENGAGE each learner with interactive questions and FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS that let you see, in real-time, how every student is doing in your class Learn more…..

Create a online discussion board for students to respond to questions and comment on other student’s responses.  Learn more….

COGGLE: Coggle is a collaborative mind-mapping tool.  Students can create hierarchically structured documents. Learn more…

PIKTOCHART:  Students can create infographics to display information on any topic.  Choose from a variety of templates and customize the data and information. Learn more….

WEVIDEO: Video creation software. Students can edit videos, add text and images to create videos on any topic.  Learn more….

ADOBE SPARK: Create various types of visual content from webpages, banners, flyers, covers, collages, brochures and others. Learn more….

EDPUZZLE: Edpuzzle is a site that allows you to select a video and customize it by editing, cropping and adding questions to make an engaging lesson. Learn more…

HYPERDOCSHyperdocs are a google doc that contains interactive, personalized and student directed learning opportunites.

Collaboration Tools

GOOGLE DRIVE: Create, communicate, and collaborate using Google Drive Apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Communicate with students, parents by posting announcement, assignments, resources, calendars and discussion questions Learn about Google Classroom Notifications

GOOGLE KEEPTake notes, checklist and reminders with Google Keep.  Collect and organize information and access them in Google Docs

REMIND:  One way texting app.  Use this to safely send reminders and communicate with students and parents.

GOOBRIC & DOCTOPUSAn Add-On and Chrome extension that gives teachers the ability to provide feedback and grade student work in Google Drive.

Feedback Tools

QUIZLET.LIVE  is an in-class learning based games.  Students work collaboratively to match terms and definitions.  The first team to math 12 in a row wins!  Learn more….

GOOGLE FORMS: Google forms has a feature that allows you to create a form and use it as a quiz.  Assign point values, provide instant feedback.  Learn more…

FLIPGRID: is a video discussion platform.  Post a video with your questions or discussion prompt, Students can reply with their own short video response. Integrates with Google Classroom.  Learn more….

RECAP: Is a video discussion platform. Post a questions and have the students verbally respond with a video.

KAHOOT:  A game based learning platform. Create a quiz with a series of multiple choice questions and the students complete in real time.

QUIZZIZ: is a student paced formative assessment tool.  Create a quiz and have the students complete at their own pace.