Warriors You Should Know – Grant Tillotson

Grant Tillotson is one of Waubonsie Valley’s three newest Science teachers. While he is new to WV, he brings 3 years of experience with him. I hope you enjoy getting to know Grant.

What do you teach here at WV?
Physics and Chem/Phys

Do you coach or oversee any clubs/activities here at WV?
Head Freshman Football Coach and will coach baseball in the spring.

How many years of experience in education do you have? Where have you taught before WV?
3 years experience and I taught at a boarding school in Long Island, New York

Why did you get into education?
I’m a teacher at heart, I love learning and I enjoy helping students learn more about life and their goals.

Where did you go to high school?
Wheaton North High School

Where did you go to college?
Wheaton College

Where do you get inspiration from?
From my faith, my family, and books I read

Is there a student that you will never forget? Tell us why they were so memorable.
There are quite a few that I remember. They asked good questions and were good thinkers.

Favorite childhood teacher and why?
Mrs. Ryder in 4th grade. She was just so nice and made school fun while learning. She also introduced us to new things that

When not at school, where do you like to spend your time or what do you like to do? Do you have any special talents?
I like to spend time with my family, reading a book or being active. No special talents unfortunately.

What are your future goals?
Be the best teacher and coach that I can be. Also, to learn Spanish and piano. So jealous of people who can do those!

Who do you live with? Spouse, kids, pets, etc.
My wife of almost 9 years and my daughter Liv (2.5yrs old) and son Cohen (9 months).

If your department had to vote you, “most likely to…”, what would they vote you?
Most likely to be mistaken for someone in the military

What did you do this summer?
Finished my masters, coached football and hung out with my family.

What is your goal for this school year?
Get to know as many people as possible and grow as a teacher

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